Rainy Days and Sundays ………

Posted: June 24, 2012 in paintball, PSP, Tampa Bay Damage
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For those who automatically thought of the Carpenters this is my little twist. What was supposed to be an epic 40th Birthday weekend for myself (and 28th for Rachel) our plans were changed by Mother Nature. The plan was for a group of 20 of our friends to go play paintball, which for some was long overdue. Mother Nature threw a slight curve ball at us with a small little storm named “Debby”. The constant rain has flooded the fields and left us stranded at home with no hope of paintball for the day. Well the jokes on her……..as we’ll now be able to watch our favorite professional teams at the PSP Event in Chicago. I know it’s not quite the same as being out there playing but it feeds our need for paintball and we get to spend some time with our families. So what do I do? I’m glued to my computer catching every glimpse of the pro games and watching “Tampa Bay Damage” continue on in hopes of bringing home the PSP win from Chicago, which would be the perfect birthday weekend topper. So now the truth is out, that I’m a Tampa bay Damage fan! I’ll elaborate on their team in future blogs.



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