Summertime and Hydration

Posted: July 8, 2012 in Conditioning, Hydration, paintball
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If you took a poll of those who play paintball, you’d be surprised on their responses if you asked the question “Is there any time in the year you wouldn’t play paintball”! You’ll find most players tend to take the summer months off due to the extreme heat in some areas. Although you’ll find those who I consider the hardcore players and tend to play whenever, whether it’s freezing cold or insanely hot. This is where conditioning and hydration can play a major factor in merely being able to tolerate and/or survive. Conditioning can be accomplished in many different fashions but for the pros that’s where the multiple practices come in. This conditioning accomplishes not only the physical but also serves the purpose of allowing players to perfect their skills. Another item that can play a factor in your overall game is physical conditioning. Most players you’ll find in the gym working on cardio as well as weight training. Cardio can be a key factor in survival of the summer months. Lastly but most importantly HYDRATION is key in the most extreme months. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched a player go down from being dehydrated. When asked if they are drinking water the most common response was “no”. For those who said “yes” I found that they drank water but not nearly enough. Personally when I play thru the summer months (and I do) I’ll start to hydrate 24 hours before I play. These are a few things to consider – especially playing thru those unbearable months. Work on your conditioning, which will always help no matter what time of the year it is. And most importantly HYDRATE !!!


  1. […] big part of the weekend whether it’s hot or cold is hydration. I’ve actually started to carry a large cooler with all my drinks (which 80% of its usually […]

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