Speedball vs Woodsball

Posted: July 22, 2012 in paintball, PSP, Speedball, Woodsball
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One of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do in paintball is figure out what style of play you’ll want to do. One thing you’ll need to ask yourself is “What type of paintball do you like to play”? There’s speedball (or air ball) which is common to those who like a fast paced game of 5 to 7 people per team. The games generally last a few minutes and are generally very intense. Fields are generally made up of specially made bunkers and usually emulate some of the more current PSP or other tournament configurations.

NT 11

Speedball Field


For those who like a slower game where you can use special tactics and more methodical moves, there is woodsball. The woodsball fields are generally larger in size and usually boast many more bunkers and man-made obstacles. Games are generally longer and there are many variations of play that can be done on those fields (Attack and defend, Capture the flag, last man standing and many more depending on the fields and their props). After playing many years I’m still torn between both styles. I love playing woodsball, but find myself addicted to the fast paced speedball games as well. What style of play do you find yourself playing and why?


Woodsball Field


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