Back to the basics

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Family, Fitness
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Back to the basics can apply to many things as well but the one I plan to focus on is my personal fitness. This time last year I was about 215 and a few sizes smaller in the waste. Funny what a year of poor eating, not working out and being stressed will do to you. While I still have the stress in my life but at a much smaller level it’s time to introduce exercise and diet back into the mix. Exercise should help me reduce that stress even more and diet will hopefully help take the weight off. My goal is to hit 220 by the end of the year. Although it’s a pretty aggressive goal I’ve never been one to dive into anything slowly. I’ve also found that it’s easier if you have someone else working with you. In this case it’ll be my wife (she just doesn’t know it yet). My plan is simple……we’re going back to the basics – the basics of eating healthy, working out, and cardio. The basics of taking time out to concentrate on things we want and need to do. Also planning for the future and whatever it may hold for us. While it’s not going to be an easy road the basics is all it takes to make those little things in life you want to happen. With that being said chose one thing in your life that you wish was different and take it back to the basics. Rebuild from there and conquer what it is you’ve chosen.

If you could take one thing you’d want to take back to the basics what would it be and why? Now take this and use it to challenge yourself. There isn’t anything that can’t be accomplished by going back to the basics and putting forth an effort.



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  1. Nanci says:

    Great post honey, we can do it together!

  2. […] other day, hubby wrote a post that I thought was fantastic. The post is titled Back To The Basics. I hope you’ll pop on over and read it. Hubby and I live in a crazy busy world. He works long […]

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