Back to the Basics: Week # 2 wrap up

Posted: September 30, 2012 in Diet, Fitness, Gym, Weight Watchers
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Well week # 2 is a wrap and it’s beginning to become a bit of a battle. The motivation at the gym seems to come and go plus all the negative influences are starting to take a toll on me mentally. Several times I’ve wanted to give in and have sweets or that oh-so-bad meal I crave, but I haven’t.


Week two brought a bit of a challenge as I find myself lacking motivation in the gym department. I’m sticking to the 3 days a week as I agreed to in the beginning; however I’ll need to sit down and come up with a game plan. In the past I’ve been able to do without, but I’ve finally figured out I need to put one together on paper. Workouts have never been my weak point as I’ve written them before, but for some strange reason this time it’s a bit harder. With all that being said I’ve still been putting in the time at the gym and loading up on the cardio as I know I need to.

photo 1

photo 3


The diet brought its own set of challenges as I’m finding temptations wherever I turn. Without going crazy, I’ve been able to stick to my diet and satisfy my sweet tooth all at the same time. My saving grace in this department has been the chocolate raspberry ice cream bars from Weight Watchers. They manage to give me my sweets fix without negating all the work I’ve been putting in at the gym. My biggest challenges to date have been the negative influences that usually linger around us all.

Dinner finished



The results for week 2 brought another loss, this time it was 2.8 lbs. I know some may look at that number and look at it negatively, but I look at it this way. Every loss, big or small is still a loss. I know this may sound sill, but I have a pair of paintball pants which are my goal to fit into. When I first started playing I was in a XXL, and up til now I’ve been in an XL. My goal pants are actually a M/L and I can say that I’ve gotten into them and was able to button them up. As I continue on this journey to become healthier and lead a healthy life those pants will pants will continue to be one of the motivating factors.

scale 3

How do you stay motivated to workout? What do you do when you are having a moment of weakness and want to stray from your diet?


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