Lazy Sunday

Posted: January 12, 2013 in Family, Holiday Dinner, Lazy Days, Starbucks, Sunday
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One thing I never get to enjoy anymore is a lazy Sunday. You know the ones where you run around the house in your pajamas all day and never leave the house. That’s what I’ll be doing today – going to Starbucks with the boys followed by a nice home cooked breakfast by the wife while I read the Sunday paper. Then I’ll be moving over to the couch where there will be mass quantities of snuggling with the boys and watching TV. Maybe I’ll squeeze in a nap or two but who knows. It’s a lazy day and anything could happen so I’ll take what I can get. The only plans the wife and I have are going to my mom’s place for Christmas dinner. Yes that’s right I said Christmas dinner. It’s actually tradition to do Christmas Eve dinner at my mom’s house, but this year she went up North to be with her mom for Christmas so we postponed dinner. So instead of dinner at our place we’ll just have dinner at mom’s place and hopefully AVOID Coldstone as it’s too close to her place.



assed out

Do you ever get to have a lazy day? What’s your idea of the perfect lazy day?


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