Crazy and Lazy are two of the many terms I’d use if I was asked to describe my two miniature Australian Shepherds. Snuggly, saucy, bossy, silly, smart, manipulating, loveable and fur babies are yet a few more. Blue, the younger of the two just turned three on the Jan 15th and he’s still crazier than ever. Don’t get me wrong he does have his moments when he’s super snuggly and super cute but then he goes crazy and that when he’s a little devil. We’ve had Blue since he was eight weeks old and he’s pretty much our baby. Posing for pictures and doing cute (and sometimes annoying) things for treats is his claim to fame. He’s also the saucy one, he got the nickname from the trainer when he was going thru obedience classes and I have to say it still fits him to this day.

blue ozzie sunday nap

Blue car ride

Blue sad

tired blue

Ozzie on the other hand was a rescue we got from the Humane Society of Pinellas about 2 years ago and it’s crazy to see what changes have taken place in those two years. When we first got him he was super shy and wanted nothing to do with anyone. He was perfectly happy doing his own thing. My how that has changed, snuggling is now required, super saucy as well. He’s in the middle of everything now and thinks he’s the boss. You know when he’s going to do something bad and he’ll do it, but then he’ll turn around and give you this little flirting look and you soon forget what it was that caused you to get mad. The wonder twins love walking in a pack and it’s crazy to see how close they walk at times. We started with one but are completely happy with the two. The house tends to get crazy at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

blue ozzie walking

Ozzie treats

Ozzie pillow

Do you have any Fur Babies? What are some of their “Pet” names?

  1. […] The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning the bathroom (the worst thing ever), laundry, a quick nap, more blogging, and spending time with Blue and Ozzie. They love days when I am home, there’s a lot of snuggling and snoozing and cuteness. Blue is doing much much better and today he will stay home after going everywhere with me last week to keep an eye on him. He still has a few days of meds left and is still eating chicken and rice, but he’s Mr. Saucy Pants again and that’s how we know he’s feeling good. By the way, you should pop on over to hubby’s blog and read his post about Blue and Ozzie, appropriately titled Crazy and Lazy. […]

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